The Dappled Dog

All Handmade for you and your Pet!​

Here is where it all began...

When Lia found her puppy on Craigslist for free I knew I had to help her...and him! We rushed to get the baby and he has been by her side ever since! Being her mom she has truly inspired me to become the rescuer I am today. She has helped with every animal that has come into our home.  At age 14 when she got this little guy she decided that she wanted to open a Dog Rescue. I was ecstatic and overjoyed that my child had the heart to want to save any and all animals just like me. So of course I said "lets do it!" From here we made a plan to make some small things to sell at farmers markets in the area to help fund our Dream and to help those in need now. We did that by donating part of our proceeds to local rescues, which we still do and setting aside some for the rescue!

We began to make bead bracelets and keychains! But they were not quite getting the attention we had hoped for. I thought well I can sew and I can teach Lia to as well. With that we found a pattern we liked for bandanas and began making those. Long story short here we are making all kinds of things to be able to open the rescue by the time she graduates high school. We make Bandanas, Bow Ties, Tutus, Bracelets, Keychains, Paw Print Wreaths, Front Door Mats, Pet Loss Frames & Pawfect Toys. I am so proud of her!!!

Keep up with us!

As you might have noticed we do not sell everything we make on here. Some items like our Bow Ties sell quickly and we can only make so many. That is because we recycle men's ties to make our Bow Ties!  But you can keep up with us on social media to find out where we will be each weekend if you would like to purchase something! 

There are also some Bandanas that we have as features at the events that will not be for sale on here.

Please visit our Instagram or Facebook #TheDappledDogLLC