The Dappled Dog

All Handmade for you and your Pet!​

Pawfect Toys

We make our Pawfect Dog Toys out of Fleece.

They make great durable toys!

Good for being able to digest easier than Nylon or other type Ropes.

And of course Pawfect for Tug-O-War!!!

We make them in all different colors.

If they start to unravel just tie 2 pieces back together to make another knot!

Then Play again!!!!

In the Pics Our Pit/Boxer has a small, but he prefers the large one for Tug-O-War!

*How to Order*

On the contact page please send us your info along with which

~ What Sizes you need Small or Large

~Color preferred(we make so many different ones just tell us at least 1 color you would like to see)

Small $6 & Large $9

(colors and sizes will vary slightly)

*Once we rec​eive the order we will text or email a confirmation to you with your balance then you can pay through one of our payment options. We will accept Zelle, Venmo or Cash App.*