The Dappled Dog

All Handmade for you and your Pet!​


Your pet will look so cute in one of our beautifully Handmade Tutus. Each one has either Flowers, Bows, Pearls, Faux Fur or Decorative Band. Some have multiple items on them. To fit your pet check the size chart in the first pic then choose the sizes closest to that. Most of the Tutus have some stretch to them. And all of them have a Velcro closure.

*Please note that not flowers and prints will be exactly as in pictures. And not all Tutus come in all sizes.* 

*How to Order*

On the contact page please send us your info along with which

~ # on Tutu pic

~ How many of that #

~ What Sizes you need (see size chart above)

~ You can add a Bow or Flowers for $5 (not both)

~ Xs $15 Sm $15 Med $20 Lg $20 Xl $25

*Once we rec​eive the order we will text or email a confirmation to you with your balance then you can pay through one of our payment options.

 We will accept Zelle, Venmo or Cash App.*